Student support services

Department of Student Services

Our team from the Department of Student Services is here to assist current and prospective students by providing expert advice and comprehensive support.

The Department of Student Services provides a range of specialist advice, information, guidance and personal counselling to support you in achieving your academic aims.

We provide services related to:

  • Academic Issues
  • Student Funding, Finance and Debt
  • Counselling & Personal Development
  • Personal and Emotional wellbeing
  • Faith and Spirituality
  • Physical and Mental-Health related disabilities
  • Specific Learning Differences
  • Accommodation

Students' Learning Resources

Each student can have an access to the London Met library and E-resources. The list of E-resources is as follows:

  •  ACLS Humanities e-books
  •  American Chemical Society
  •  American Economic Association
  •  American Society for Microbiology
  •  BFI Inview
  •  Brill Journal Archive
  •  British Periodicals Collections I & II
  •  CareKnowledge
  •  Credo Reference
  •  Emerald Management EJournals ( + 3 subscriptions)
  •  i-law academic package
  •  Institute pf Physics Journal Archive
  •  JSTOR
  •  JSTOR e-books
  •  Leisure Tourism
  •  Migration to New Worlds
  •  Mintel
  •  Open Book Publisher’s Library e-books
  •  Oxford Journals Archive
  •  Periodicals Archive Online (Proquest)
  •  Project Muse Humanities Collection
  •  Royal Society of Chemistry Journals Archive
  •  Safari Tech Books
  •  Science
  •  Satista
  •  Web of Science
  •  WGSN