Skopje Metropolitan

Mission, Vision and Goals


Skopje Metropolitan is a higher educational university college dedicated to excellence in teaching and service. Through it’s Undergraduate and Graduate programs in Business Administration the Skopje Metropolitan seeks to stimulate intellectual curiosity, imagination, rational thinking, and thoughtful expression in a broad range of disciplines and professional fields.

Of prime importance is the group’s commitment to undergraduate teaching. The humanities comprise the core of the undergraduate curriculum. Graduate programs at the master’s level complement the undergraduate curriculum. Skopje Metropolitan considers scholarly practice, research, and creative activities essential for effective learning.

Skopje Metropolitan is committed to diversity, international perspectives, community and regional service. It strives to create a safe and secure environment in which students, faculty, and staff can develop interests, skills, and talents to the fullest extent. Skopje Metropolitan seeks to make optimum use of available resources and to celebrate, study, and protect the rich heritage, the quality of life, and the environment of the Balkan region in which it is located.


The academic and administration staff, and students of Skopje Metropolitan are committed to achieving excellence and to placing Skopje Metropolitan in a position of preeminence among the higher educational groups in the region of South-East Europe. Skopje Metropolitan will maintain an intimate learning environment for undergraduates, integrating teaching and mentoring with research and service.

Skopje Metropolitan will promote and engage in high-quality undergraduate and in master’s-focused graduate education. Skopje Metropolitan will provide secure and attractive premises, encourage intellectual and cultural diversity, foster regional engagement, and value individual growth and development.

In these ways, Skopje Metropolitan will prepare its graduates for a lifetime of learning, achievement and service for the betterment of self and community.


These seven goals form the foundation of Skopje Metropolitan strategic plan, which serves to guide the Skopje Metropolitan in fulfillment of its mission.

  • Create the most powerful learning experience possible for our students.
  • Recruit, retain and develop quality faculty, administration and staff in appropriate numbers.
  • Embrace and enhance diversity throughout constituencies, culture, curriculum and outreach activities.
  • Create an educational environment that prepares our students to be global citizens.
  • Strengthen the regional engagement and outreach activities.
  • Enhance the quality of the environment and provide premises that are attractive, functional and safe.