Skopje Metropolitan college visited by top senior quality officer from UK

Skopje Metropolitan College welcomed Dr. Paul Bullock, senior representative of London Metropolitan University, responsible for implementing and maintaining the highest quality and standards in the educational process.

“British education is the main guarantee and benchmark of quality that students can rely on”

In particular, during his working visit, Dr. Bullock paid attention to the academic schedule, the planned teaching materials and activities, the method of evaluation, the process of “double” (control) evaluation and other aspects of the processes that enable the students of Skopje Metropolitan College to study according to the standards that are practiced in London, and thus, that every student acquires a British, state diploma upon completion of studies.

During the visit, Mr. Bullock took the time to meet with all current and future students in order to share best practices with their London colleagues, as well as to answer all their questions.

For more information, watch the interview

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