Make a transfer from another university and become part of London Metropolitan in Skopje.

From now on, each of you will have the opportunity to be part of an educational process formulated on a British basis, to study under the mentorship of top British professors, to obtain a British state diploma and to be part of the big London Metropolitan family. If you are already enrolled and studying at another university, and you want to become a part of London Metropolitan do not worry. Now you have the opportunity to make a transfer from any university in the country and abroad. The transfer procedure takes place on an individual basis. For each student the credit value is determined separately  based on the study program according to which the student studied and in line with the exams the student has passed.

London Metropolitan is a renowned higher education institution based in London. The tradition, the quality of the studies, as well as the excellence of the teaching make it a world-renowned university and a perfect choice for every future student around the world. Study programs include activities that stimulate intellectual curiosity, imagination and rational thinking, and the main emphasis is on the acquisition of practical skills. The diploma obtained at the London Metropolitan is recognized worldwide.